Private Adoptions Help

What is private adoption

For birth mothers or adoptive parents that have no prior experience with it, there are likely a lot of questions surrounding private adoptions.

If you’ve decided against using agency adoption and wish to go the private route, there are a variety of adoption professionals that can help your family facilitate the process.

What Is Private Adoption?

Private adoptions, also referred to as independent adoptions, involve the use of an adoption attorney to make the adoption legal. Birth mothers and adoptive families find each other without the use of an adoption agency, which saves them the fees associated with it. An adoption attorney is then needed to make the adoption official.

Private Adoption Process

It can be quite overwhelming to get started, which is why resources like us are here to help guide you. The process of private adoptions is as follows:

  • Find a birth mother who wishes to place her baby for adoption through:
  • Hire an adoption attorney to explain the specific laws in your state, and help make the adoption legal
  • Adoptive parents must complete a home study

Private Adoption Laws

There are laws in place that make certain aspects of a private adoption legal, but private adoption laws differ from state to state. If birth parents and adoptive parents live in two different states, the adoptive parents must satisfy the requirements of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children ("ICPC").

Private Adoption Attorney

Birth parents and adoptive parents work together with a licensed private adoption attorney to facilitate the private adoption process and make the adoption legal instead of using an agency. The adoption attorney will guide both parties through state and federal laws that need to be satisfied in order for the adoption to take place.

The adoption attorney will guide both parties through filling out the necessary paperwork required for adoption. They are usually not involved in connecting the two parties, rather handling all legal matters associated with the adoption.

Private Adoption Laws

There are various private adoption professionals involved in a private adoption process; from private adoption attorneys, to social workers and adoption facilitators. Just because birth mothers and adoptive parents aren’t using a public agency, doesn’t mean they aren’t going through the process without the help of licensed professionals.